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Isolated Digital I/O dataModule
MOSFET Output / Opto-Coupled Input I/O Module

Operating Temperature -40° to +85°C



PC/104 DAQ
DM6852 Isolated Digital I/O dataModule
PC/104 Isolated Digital I/O
Rugged IDAN configurations available

Key Features


For industrial control and high-reliability applications, the DM6852HR offers a powerful combination of I/O resources on one module. Isolated I/O are available as an 8 bit programmable digital output port with power MOSFETs, and a four bit Opto-isolator input port with jumper selectable input ranges. These isolated I/O channels can be used to safely interface to control equipment in the presence of high voltages, ground faults, and current loops which would damage non-isolated I/O.

General purpose non-isolated digital I/O is offered by 24 digital I/O lines. These lines can be used to drive LED's, button interfaces, LCD displays, etc. These I/O lines are 8255-compatible and are grouped into three ports. Each port has a jumper for an optional pull-up or pull-down resistor network on that port's lines.

The Opto-isolated MOSFET output port is controlled by a double-buffered register. The buffer register can be used to store the next output pattern to be sent to the output channels. Updating the output channels from the buffer register can either be triggered from an external trigger input or from software. The external trigger will provide immediate hardware-triggered output control for critical conditions. A hardware interrupt can be asserted to the host PC when the external trigger occurs.


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Part Number Description Value
  DM6852HR-H   MOSFET Output / Opto Input dataModule with 0.1" headers $525
  DM6852HR-S   MOSFET Output / Opto Input dataModule with screw terminal blocks $545



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