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PC/104 modules, systems, and enclosures by RTD
PC104 Stackable ISA, PCI & PCI Express SBCs and Rugged Embedded Systems
Rugged PC104 COTS-Plus IPC-6012 Class 3 Single Board Computers & Mezzanines
CPU Modules
DSP Modules
Power Supplies
Battery Backup UPS
Analog I/O Modules
FPGA & Digital I/O
Mass Storage Modules
M.2 & Mini PCIe Carriers
Ethernet Adapters & USB
CAN Bus Modules
Serial Interface
Ethernet Switches
Cisco® Routers
Rugged Modular Systems
Rugged Network Systems
Rugged Mission Systems
GPS & Timing Modules
Incremental Encoders
Motor Controllers
PC104 Accessories
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RTD designs and manufactures rugged, high-reliability embedded computer modules, mezzanines, and systems. Our product line is based on the PC104 form factor and the PCIe/104 (PCI Express), PCI/104-Express, PCI-104, PC/104-Plus, and PC/104 specifications. RTD's PC104 product line can be configured in our rugged, modular enclosures and chassis with standard PC and cylindrical connectors making them ideal for military, industrial, and mission-critical applications. PC104 is a compact, rugged, modular embedded standard.