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HiDANplus® Description

Modular PC104 Enclosures

(Note: to see some of our pre-configured COTS systems, vist our StackNET site.)   

RTD developed HiDANplus® (High Reliability Intelligent Data Acquisition Node Plus) to provide a top-of-the-line enclosure solution for computer modules based on the PC/104 architecture. HiDANplus combines the modular stacking concept of IDAN with the environmental ruggedness of HiDAN. Like all of RTD's enclosures, HiDANplus enclosure slices are milled from an impact-resistant aluminum alloy. The modular enclosure performs as a passive heat sink to envelope your sensitive data acquisition system and delivers performance from –40 to +85°C. An EMI environmental gasket is integrated into an RTD proprietary technology, tongue-and-groove configuration around the perimeter of each section offering 80dB of isolation to 1 GHz and rated at withstanding 30 PSID. Cylindrical military style connectors offer easy connections while maintaining the environmental seal integrity built into the enclosure. The small footprint - 178mm x 158mm x 185mm - allows these units to fit almost anywhere. As with IDAN and HiDAN, a variety of MIL-SPEC paint and shock-mount isolation options are available.

Each HiDANplus frame contains one to four PC/104 boards and I/O connectors. In addition to the stackable ISA, PCI, and PCI Express buses, module-to-module and frame-to-frame signal connections are achieved using an internal stackable signal raceway to allow customer defined Power, Analog, and Digital signal interconnectivity. You can define the boards contained in each frame as well as what signals are routed to each of the connectors. The raceway allows user-configurable I/O connectors to be mounted on any frame in the system; this eliminates restrictive frame-to-frame wiring harnesses. Expanding, maintaining, or upgrading the functionality of a HiDANplus system is as easy as adding or removing frame slices in the stack. Maximum flexibility while maintaining complete frame modularity for quick maintenance and upgradability is thus achieved.

RTD offers a wide variety of PC/104, PC/104-Plus, PCI-104, PCI/104-Express, and PCIe/104 modules that can used to configure a system tailored to your specific mission requirements. Our PCBs (printed circuit boards) are fabricated in strict accordance with IPC-6012 Class 3 Standards.

RTD systems are designed not only for their functionality but also with the end-user in mind. The modular stack-through design of the PC/104 architecture allows users to add additional modules or upgrade existing modules as technology or requirements change. Since the modules of the PC/104 specifications are PC based, HiDANplus will run the major operating systems including:

  • Windows (XP, Vista, XP Embedded) PCI/104-Express Diagram
  • Linux (desktop and real-time versions)
  • RTOSes such as QNX, VxWorks, Windows CE, and xPC Target

Since RTD manufactures both the boards and the systems, end-users can have the peace of mind of working with a high quality single point of contact for system configuration and support after the sale. Learn more about RTD and why we're the choice for engineers and integrators around the world.