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IDAN® Building Block & System Selection


For each of RTD's board-level products, we've designed a modular aluminum housing with standard I/O connector receptacles. We call this system of enclosures "IDAN" for "Intelligent Data Acquisition Node." IDAN frames can be stacked together to create versatile, performance-rich embedded systems. These off-the-shelf compatible embedded enclosures enable rapid uptime for system development.

  embedded building block system
  • COTS building blocks
  • Rugged
  • Modular
  • Scalable
  • PC connectors
  • Online pricing
  • No configuration fees
Choose your building blocks from the IDAN categories below!
...or choose a pre-configured system optimized for networking or processing and data collection.

Single Board CPUs
   Intel Atom E3800
   Intel Core i7
   Intel Core 2 Duo
   Intel Celeron M (ULV 722)
   Intel Pentium M (ULV 738)
   Intel Celeron M (ULV 373)
   AMD Geode LX

DSP Modules
   DSP Platform Bus

Power Modules
   Power Supplies
   Battery Backup UPS

Analog I/O Modules
   Autonomous SmartCal
   Analog I/O & Digital I/O
   Analog Input & Digital I/O

Digital I/O Modules
   Counter/Timer & Digital I/O
   Incremental Encoder & Digital I/O
   Pulse Width Modulator & Digital I/O
   Opto-Isolated Input
   MOSFET Isolated Output
   Relay Output
   User Programmable FPGA

Peripheral Modules
   Data Modem
   GPS Satellite Receiver
   Mass Storage Modules
   Dual Port Memory
   Bridge Modules


Network Modules
   Serial Interface
   Ethernet Switches
   Cisco® Routers
   Wireless LAN
   CAN Bus
   USB Controller

Video Modules
   Video Modules
   Frame Grabbers
   MPEG Compression

Motion Controllers
   Motor Controller

Other Products
   Mini PCIe Carriers
   IDAN Accessories