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PC/104 Enclosures: IDAN Peripheral Module Selection

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RTD's DAQ modules are organized by functionality. All of our data collection modules and peripheral modules are available in a stackable, rugged PC/104 housing. These "IDAN" frames are off-the-shelf building blocks which enable efficient configuration of standard products.

The image above shows two examples of IDAN systems. Because of its modularity, IDAN is scalable. A system's size is determined by functionality, not a pre-determined rack-size or box design. RTD offers a wide variety of standard products in IDAN configurations. Choose from our peripheral module selection on the left-hand menu, or view our SBCs and data acquisition modules. If you need help in your selection, our Sales and Tech Support teams are happy to help.

To learn more about RTD's enclosure-level solutions, visit our systems page.