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PCIe/104  1–25 MHz A/D Digitizer with 25 MHz D/A Outputs





Rugged IDAN configurations available


The DM34116HR dataModule is a rugged high-speed data acquisition (DAQ) module in the PCIe/104 format which boasts two 16-bit 25 MHz A/D converters and two 16-bit 25Mhz D/A converters.


This module provides 2 single-ended analog input channels with software-selectable input ranges and input impedances. It also providing 2 single-ended analog output channels with a ± 2.5V range and a fixed 50 ohm output impedance. Each channel has a dedicated converter, permitting both independent or simultaneous conversions. Additionally, each channel also has a dedicated DMA channel, which ensures the ability for the host controller or a DSP to continuously collect data from all four channels across the PCIe x4 interfaces.


The DM34116HR also features 32-bit advanced DIO with peripheral output capabilities including a quad PWM and external clocking. The SyncBus permits multiple DAQ cards to be synchronized within the system.


When used with the RTD’s SPM34CP high-performance DSP, data can be transferred directly to the DSP’s memory using ta CPU’s PCIe connection.


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  DM34116HR PCIe/104  1–25 MHz A/D Converter with 25 MHz D/A Outputs $2995
  IDAN-DM34116HR PCIe/104  1–25 MHz A/D Converter with
25 MHz D/A Outputs in modular IDAN frame



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