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PCIe/104 High-Speed Isolated Digital I/O DAQ Module

Operating Temperature -40° to +85°C



PC/104 Isolated Digital I/O
DM35838HR High-Speed Isolated Digital I/O DAQ
Rugged IDAN configurations available


High-Speed DAQ with Advanced Triggering: The DM35838HR is a high-speed digital I/O data module in a PCIe/104 format providing Opto-Isolated Digital Inputs and Outputs to interface with a variety of devices. The Inputs allow for a broad range of input voltages, and are compatible with 5V, 12V, and 24V systems. The high-current Outputs allow for driving LEDs, relays, and solenoids. This module includes many features such as pulse width modulators (PWM), incremental encoders, and advanced interrupts. The PCIe interface provides compatibility with the latest generation of CPUs, and the PCIe lane repopulation allows for virtually limitless system expansion.

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Part Number Description Value
DM35838HR   PCIe/104 64-Ch. High-Speed Isolated Digital I/O DAQ Module for 5V and 12V systems $895
DM35838HR-24V   PCIe/104 64-Ch. High-Speed Isolated Digital I/O DAQ Module for 24V systems $895



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