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8x16 Matrix Switch Module




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The DM35MRM128HR is a stackable matrix switch module. This module consists of an 8x16 array of single pole (form A) rhodium contact reed relays. Each relay can be individually closed to connect a single column to a single row, and a combination of relay closures can form any desired network of connections. This allows software to freely connect and disconnect any one I/O pin in the matrix to any number of other pins. By stacking or cabling together additional DM35MRM128HR modules, the 8x16 matrix can expand up to 8x128.

The relay matrix switch module features the NXP PCA9616 buffer to provide differential I2C communication. This buffer increases the allowable distance of use and reduces signal noise over the standard I2C protocol. These two factors make the DM35MRM128HR ideal for remotely controlled solutions.

To reduce hardware and software development time, the DM35MRM128HR can be combined with RTD's CM35I2C03HR. This provides the user with Operating System drivers and example programs that immediately demonstrate the functionality of the module



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Physical AttributesPCIe/104

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 DM35MRM128HR PCIe/104 8x16 Matrix Switch Module $3245



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