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Isolated Digital Input dataModule

Operating Temperature -40° to +85°C



PC/104 DAQ
DM6858 Isolated Digital Input dataModule
PC/104 Isolated Digital Input
Rugged IDAN configurations available

Key Features


For industrial control and high-reliability applications, the DM6858HR dataModule® offers high-density, low-cost isolated digital inputs. Isolated inputs are available as four 8-bit digital input ports.

The DM6858 can be used to safely interface to control equipment in the presence of high voltages, ground faults, and current loops which would damage non-isolated I/O.


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Physical Attributes

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Ordering Information

Part Number Description Value
  DM6858HR-5V   PC/104 Isolated Digital Input dataModule with 5V Input Range $395
  DM6858HR-12V   PC/104 Isolated Digital Input dataModule with 12V Input Range $495
  DM6858HR-24V   PC/104 Isolated Digital Input dataModule with 24V Input Range $495



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