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Dual 10 Gbit/s Fiber Ethernet Controller
LAN24710HR and LAN34710HR





The LAN24710 and LAN34710 are dual 10Gbit/s Fiber Ethernet modules. They provide two independent 10 Gbit/s fiber Ethernet connections using a single integrated controller chip. Fiber connectivity is provided by standard SFP+ modules (specific modules listed below have been validated by RTD to work with the LAN24710 and LAN34710). These boards run completely off of the PCI Express bus, utilizing Intel’s X710 10 Gigabit Ethernet controller.

The X710-BM2 Ethernet controller is ideal for emerging cloud networking markets. X710 strengths include networking performance, energy efficiency and automation (including resource provisioning and monitoring and workload balancing) and sophisticated packet header parsing.

Users will find this product useful for applications such as server virtualization and centralized environments requiring shared workflow such as large CAD and software projects. 10 Gigabit — using stacked switch configurations — can introduce an increased use of redundancy as Active-Active LACP (Link Aggregation Control Protocol) port teaming. Multiple ports grouped into one logical link improves speed and availability.

The LAN24710 is the PCI/104-Express version which includes a pass-through PCI connector.

Key Features

Connector Interface

Verified SFP Modules


Physical AttributesPCIe/104

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Ordering Information

Part Number Description Value
  LAN34710HR   PCIe/104 10 Gbit/s Fiber Ethernet Controller (no SFP installed) $1645
  LAN24710HR   PCI/104-Express 10 Gbit/s Fiber Ethernet Controller (no SFP installed) $1695
  LAN34710HR‑xx   PCIe/104 10 Gbit/s Fiber Ethernet Controller (SFP installed) RFQ
  LAN24710HR‑xx   PCI/104-Express 10 Gbit/s Fiber Ethernet Controller (SFP installed) RFQ



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