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M.2 Socket 3 (M Key) Carrier
SSD24100HR & SSD24200HR





RTD’s SSD24200HR high speed SSD storage module is based on the M.2 format (formerly called Next Generation Form Factor, or NGFF). Two M.2 Socket 3 interfaces leverage the PCIe/104 Type 2 connector, allow the inserted devices to utilize a SATA link for data transfer, or a PCIe x4 link.

The dual M.2 sockets of the SSD24200HR enable a smaller stack height over PCIe/104 storage technologies which permit only one SATA device per PCIe/104 module. For applications where only M.2 socket is required, RTD offers the SSD24100HR single socket ordering option.

The SSD24200HR is a perfect high-speed storage solution for RTD’s new 25 MSPS data acquisition module, where continuous data from four channels can simultaneously be written to SSD via the NVMe connection without losing any data.

Key Features

Connector Interface

M.2 Device Specifications

The options below show specifications for two devices from Apacer. Note that the SSD24x00HR is compatible with M.2 Socket 3 compliant devices from a variety manufacturers. If you are interested in ordering this M.2 carrier with specific devices installed, please contact RTD Sales.


Physical AttributesPCIe/104

Documentation and Downloads

Ordering Information

Part Number Description Value
  SSD24100HR   PCI/104-Express M.2 Socket 3 Carrier (one available socket) $415
  SSD24200HR   PCI/104-Express M.2 Socket 3 Carrier (two available sockets) $445



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