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Before You Call or Email RTD
The more we know about your system, the faster we will be able to help you configure your product. If you are having difficulties configuring your module or system, please be prepared to provide our tech support engineers with sufficient details.

For faster support, please direct your call to one of the following departments:

  • Sales - For quotes, delivery, lead times, product inventory, and shipping information
  • Systems - IDAN®, HiDAN® and HiDANplus® system enclosures
  • Hardware - Hardware compatibility and support
  • Software - Software compatibility, driver installation, and support
  • RMA - For inquiries about returned product


New Customers
Are you a new customer? First of all, thank you! We're happy to serve you. To send you a quotation, we'll need the following contact information:

  • Your Full Name and Title
  • Company Name and Division
  • Company Street Address
  • City
  • State/ Region
  • Country
  • Postal code
  • Telephone number
  • Fax number
  • Company Website Address



When Purchasing a New Module or System

  • Know your application requirements
    • How much processing is needed for your application?
    • What kind of peripherals are you looking for?
  • Consider customizing your product
    • Are you looking for detailed features that you can't find in our product line?
    • Would you like us to include custom connectors in your system's enclosure?
    • Will you need extended temperature testing?


If You Have Technical Questions

  • Describing your application will help us better understand your problems
  • Please include the following details about your stack configuration
    • Part numbers of modules in your stack (see silk screen on top or bottom side of board)
    • Operating System
    • Settings of relevant jumpers and solder blobs (refer to manual)
    • Have you made modifications to your board or system?
    • Is your stack in an enclosure?
  • Technical difficulties
    • Are you having trouble configuring a new board?
    • Have you always had functional problems?
  • Contact Information
    • Phone: 814-234-8087
    • Email: techsupport@rtd.com


RMA Requests
If your product is damaged, please email RMA@rtd.com for an RMA (Return Material Authorization) request form.



RTD Standard Limited Warranty
Click here to view RTD's Standard Limited Warranty.