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I2C Host Interface Module




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The CM35I2C03HR is an I2C interface module that provides six independent host interfaces in a PCIe/104 format. Two types of output buffers are provided by this module: one for standard I2C bus and another for differential I2C bus. The differential ports feature an NXP PCA9616 Fast-mode Plus (Fm+) buffer which enables I2C cabling over 3-meters at rates up to 1Mhz. The standard ports feature a TI TCA39306 buffer, which allows voltage translation between the host controller and attached devices. Each standard port has built-in pull-up resistors and selectable 3.3V/5V bus voltage.

The CM35I2C03HR provides a basic memory-mapped interface that allows users to send and receive I2C data. Because I2C's slower speed relative to PCIe, the CM35I2C03HR provides zero latency and no delay between back to back transations. RTD provides the user with operating system drivers and example programs that demonstrate the module's capability.

Switch Matrix Module

The CM35I2C03HR is used to configure and communicate with RTD's switch matrix modules. When stacked with one or more DM35MRM12HR switch matrixes, the CM35I2CHR provides a hardware-ready solution to operate the matrix.

Technical Details

Connector Interface


Physical AttributesPCIe/104

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