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Uninterruptible Power Supplies
UPS in PCIe/104 and PCI/104-Express with Supercapacitor Backup



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Rugged IDAN system configurations available.

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The UPS35210HR is an uninterruptible power supply used to provide continuous power to a system where an unexpected brown-out condition may otherwise prevent a safe and controlled shutdown of the system, or a timely save operation necessary to prevent data-loss before properly shutting down the OS. The UPS35210HR is best paired with RTD’s supercapacitor energy storage module, which the UPS uses as the power source when a brown-out condition is detected. Details for each element are below.

UPS: The 136 Watt, delay configurable Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is suitable for extended temperature applications in rugged environments. The board reports consist of power, current and voltage from the system and the battery along with remaining backup time. These status reports can be delivered over RS-232 serial port or through a USB 2.0 connection. This UPS can act as a slave, or as a standalone unit.

Energy Storage Module: The energy storage module portion of the UPS35210 is based on ultracapacitors. The module’s advantage over conventional batteries is its high-charge discharge rate, light weight, and wide temperature range. The primary use of this module is to perform short-term system backup. The ultracapacitor board works together with RTD's uninterruptible power supply and ATX3510HR‑190W power module (sold separately). Together, these three modules provide a robust power supply and backup solution.

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Part Number Description Value
  UPS35210HR   PCIe/104 UPS with Supercapacitor Backup $2495
  UPS25210HR   PCI/104-Express UPS with Supercapacitor Backup $2495
  UPS10210HR   UPS with Supercapacitor Backup (without stackable buses) $2495



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