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PC/104 Enclosures: IDAN dataModule Selection

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RTD's DAQ modules are organized by functionality. All of our data collection modules and peripheral modules are available in a stackable, rugged PC/104 housing. These "IDAN" frames allow engineers and integrators to configure complex systems with relative ease.

The image above illustrates how quickly a system can be upgraded. A new Ethernet frame and a set of longer bolts are all that is needed to increase the functionality of this chassis. The stackable PC/104 architecture enables multiple peripheral modules and specialty modules to work in combination with our single board computers (SBCs) and power supplies to create powerful solutions tailored to your needs. Choose from our dataModule selection on the left-hand menu, or view our SBCs and peripheral modules. If you need help in your selection, our Sales and Tech Support teams are happy to help.

To learn more about RTD's enclosure-level solutions, visit our systems page.