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Prevention of Counterfeit Parts


RTD's policy regarding the prevention of counterfeit or used electronic components entering the supply chain via RTD's products, begins with purchasing only from authorized franchised distributors or directly from OEM/OCM sources. Suppliers are required to comply with purchase order  terms and conditions that include policies on counterfeit or used parts prevention, traceability to the OEM/OCM, flow down requirements to sub-tiers if applicable, and a signed Certificate of Compliance indicating compliance to all purchase order terms and conditions.

In the event components can only be purchased from an independent distributor or broker due to product obsolescence or diminished supply, RTD requires authentication proof as to the OEM/OCM including but not limited to a Certificate of Compliance, traceability documentation, and, visual inspection where possible.

As an AS9100 certified supplier, RTD has a documented system in place to investigate and resolve any nonconforming issues including confirmed or suspected counterfeit parts.