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  SSD24x00HR: Dual socket M.2 NVMe Storage Solution

RTD’s new M.2 SSD storage solution leverages the PCIe/104 Type 2 connector to provide NVMe and SATA connections to the host CPU. Single (SSD24100HR) or dual socket (SSD24200HR) ordering options are available, with the dual M.2 option being particularly attractive to SWaP- sensitive applications which were formerly limited to 2.5” storage solutions. Sequential writes up to 1,405 MB/sec with Apacer’s NVMe M.2 SSD modules make the SSD24x00HR a perfect high-speed storage solution for RTD’s new 25 MSPS data acquisition module.


  RTD and National Instruments™ LabVIEW

RTD is rolling out support for National Instruments™ LabVIEW to selective RTD Windows drivers with the goal of giving our customers the ability to quickly and easily create graphical applications that can interact with our embedded hardware. For these releases, our example programs will include a corresponding LabVIEW virtual instrument (VI) to demonstrate how the fundamental board features can be controlled in LabVIEW. Contact us today to find out which products are planned for this enhancement.


  DM34216HR: Four Channel 1-25 MSPS Digitizer

In alignment with our data acquisition roots, RTD has released a four channel 1-25 MSPS A/D converter in PCIe/104 with complete board support library and example software for Linux. The board features simultaneous sampling across four single-ended inputs, with software-selectable input ranges and input impedances. A SyncBus connector permits synchronizing the A/D inputs across multiple DM34216HR boards in the system.


  High-Speed Digital I/O DAQ Module with Advanced Triggering / Interrupts

The DM35838 is an advanced data acquisition module well-suited for applications requiring isolated digital inputs and outputs. This dataModule includes pulse width modulators (PWMs), incremental encoders, external clocks, and programmable clocks. [view datasheet]


  Intel Atom E3800-based Single Board Computers

The CMLBT-series CPUs offer an ultra-low-power solution for harsh environments. With -40 to +85°C operation, standard features include surface-mount ECC DDR3 SDRAM, an industrial-grade surface-mount SATA flash drive, and water-tight packaging options. Single-core and multi-core configurations available. [view datasheet]


  Embedded DSPs for Time-Critical Applications

Based on the Texas Instruments TMS320C66x, RTD’s SPM34CP dspModules are high performance fixed/floating point embedded DSP controllers designed around the PCIe/104 stackable bus structure. Deterministic processing allows the DSP to outperform general purpose processors for time-critical applications. [view datasheet]


  Managed, Expandable Gigabit Ethernet Switches

The LAN35MH08 is an 8-port Managed GigE Switch. Onboard CEServices Carrier Ethernet switching software provides a rich Layer 2 switching solution with Layer 3-aware packet processing. All of the industry-standard Managed Ethernet Switch features found in an enterprise rackmount switch are provided. [view datasheet]


  RTD StackNET® IoT Solutions

RTD's StackNET® family gives system integrators the ability to quickly configure robust Ethernet switch and router solutions for immediate deployment. These systems are fully expandable and can be scaled as programs grow. These IoT solutions are built to operate under high-vibration conditions and in harsh temperatures. [visit rtdstacknet.com]