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PCIe/104 2.5 inch SATA Drive Carrier

Operating Temperature -40° to +85°C



SATA drive chassis

Key Features


The SATA34106 SATA drive carrier modules provide a mechanism to utilize the SATA links on the PCIe/104 bus connector on select RTD PCIe/104 cpuModules. The onboard drive utilizes the first SATA link on the connector, while the other SATA link is lane-shifted up the stack to permit stacking multiple SATA drive carrier modules within one system. The SATA34106 drive carrier provides power to the SATA drive, sourcing the power from the cpuModule’s onboard connector, and thus eliminates the need for external out-of-stack cabling.

Additional Details

Connector Interface

Physical AttributesPCIe/104

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Ordering Information

Part Number Description Value
  SATA34106HR   2.5" SATA Drive Carrier Peripheral Module without Drive Installed $295
  SATA34106HR/FSxx   2.5" Hard Drive Carrier with Flash Drive Installed (hard drive options available) RFQ



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